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    Hi April,
    Typically we want to target OCD in two ways: offense and defense (I have a video he can watch about that here:

    Defense: (This is when OCD comes knocking)
    When he sees an image that his OCD says he needs to tear up he tries to delay it longer and longer until he is able to resist doing it.

    Offense: (this is when he knocks the door to OCD)
    Exposures are purposely provoking OCD and sitting with the discomfort without doing the compulsion – ever. So he would do an exposure where he would see an image and wouldn’t ever rip it up. I would recommend that you remove the image afterwards so he doesn’t ever have access to it again and get rid of it in such away that you can’t even get access to it. Perhaps a digital image might be a good way to start since he can’t tear it up? Just a thought.

    Part of the process is teaching him why learning how to sit with discomfort is such a valuable thing. There is no easy way to sit in the discomfort but over time it usually tends to get easier.