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Sue S

    Hi Natasha,

    thank you for reply. I have question here and look for your advice. Please help. My son had outburst outside barber shop today after a hair cut.  He is 12 years old with OCD, my question is should I review with him what happened after he calm down. He just say he doesn’t like the lady who cut his hair and he doesn’t like hair cut. What should I explain to him.  Do I use our logic to explain, can they accept it. Or I just leave it.  Also he has YouTube channel with 1000 subscriber. However he starts to get disappointed if no view for some of his video.  It is mental compulsions to me. He keeps ask me how to get views and very angry with me. Should I explained to him using our common sense after he calm down.  He is not learn and use any cope skills with OCD yet although he is in ERP.  Any your advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you sue