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Sue S

    Thank you for your reply Natasha I really appreciated.

    Yesterday we come up with an idea to communicate by whatsup so he can tell me why his sad.  He feels that he doesn’t like life nothing is good in life. I have never use word ‘depression’ to him. He was sobbing and tell me he is sad.  Please correct me if I said the wrong thing. I told him that keep himself busy is always good to drop the sadness. And he needs learn manage his emotions which is part of his growth.  This morning we have school refusal, although he was really enjoy school last week. I told him I know it is hard for him to be in school but this is his duty as a student. I am not available to entertain him if he is not going to school.  My husband and I feel stressed, are we too tough on him? Anything else we can say and do to help with sadness? Please advise.  Yesterday I gave him a list of feeling he choose ‘shame’ ‘exhausted’ ‘worried’ and ‘helpless’

    thank you so much for listening. Appreciated any advice you have.