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Sue S

    Hi Natasha,
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>hope this message find you are well. I have a question here. I have been struggling with the feeling that my son’s OCD start to damage my marriage. My husband and I married 25 years ago, we were so close until our son starts struggle with anxiety and OCD last December.  My son is very depend on me. he thinks his dad is contaminated. My husband thinks that it is all drama. And he sometime thinks that I am trying to distance my son and him.  Meanwhile, my husband believes that I spoiled our son so he has current behavior issue related to being so demanding, clinging and rude. Honestly my son was different boy before he showing his OCD symptoms.</p>
    My husband took a year career break at home to help. and end up now he becomes very moody and feeling failure and isolated from friend and society. At present, only thing he motivated to do is 3 hours gym every day. I am trying to encourage him to return to workplace in January.
    I am the only incoming from the family. The financial pressure is on me, and the stress from our relationship is there too.  I am just writing to you to see if you have any advise on manage relationship while raising the kid with OCD.  How can I communicate with my husband about our son’s OCD fears and root of his behavior.
    Feeling low today. I really want to save our marriage. can not believe how much OCD can change a family.   Thank you Natasha