Reply To: OCD & identity


    That’s good to know.

    Out of interest what would an OCD answer look like in this case?

    “We don’t talk about it” is a way of shutting the conversation down. Last week they were able to talk about OCD this week I am just hearing this phrase. I have started reducing my accommodations around OCD and this is the push back I think. Apparently they can talk to teachers in school more at the moment because they don’t talk about OCD whereas I do. Am I pushing too quick maybe? I worked through a lot of the parenting a child with OCD course last week so maybe I went too hard & too fast. They are not able to hear OCD mentioned this week but are doing lots of wins against OCD. I.e. touching the car door with hands instead of feet. Attending school for longer. Staying in school clothes for longer. Managing to sit by people in school without panicking that they are touching.