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Sue H

    Thank you so much for replying! !!!!!

    Interestingly I watched your video about anxiety vs OCD and it could have been written about her – starting with being anxious about bedtime then about being sick which we thought was Emetophobia.  In the year waiting to see our mental health team (UK), it became contamination OCD (excessive hand washing, clothes lived downstairs, would not wear pants or socks to school, wouldn’t touch us, aggressive melt downs when we tried to not to reassure etc) she was put on medication(Prozac/ Sertraline)  and it did sort of take the edge off.  In the last 3 years I would say she presents in two ways her anxiety will build up to the point of where she goes into what I can only call episodes’ of flight and fight -i.e. she doesn’t come down, teeth chattering , body vibrating self harm which can last days.  so she is on risperidone for this.  When flares and she will need more.  When these episodes are not happening she is flooded with intrusive thoughts, pictures and  not right feeling.  Most of her compulsions are internal and can take from a few seconds to 3 or 4 minutes (this is usually choosing a good option in her head and then locking in with numbers.  I haven’t worked out quite how to unlock her core fear yet (still working my way through your videos) but I think its rooted in me, something bad happening to me and the family, her being transported out the family into a new body and her not being able to cope unless I’m there as I’m the only one that can calm her down.  She has missed 80% of her first year of high school last year and hasn’t been in since September this year(massive panic attacks in carpark and even when in school it  is a holding situation. I am at a loss sitting at home waiting for crap basic UK therapy which is why I joined you so I can be proactive.  I know some basics like not to reassure but for the last year she self reassurances and again lots of its internal stuff so I cant even help that way (I know you have some videos on this but I don’t want to be jumping all over the place just need a starting point)

    Thanks and sorry for the essay!

    Ps i got a code for the anxiety course but like you just said the OCD one sounds more appropriate can i exchange voucher?