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Sue H

    Good morning!

    Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to reply (it can get very lonely when you are waiting for help)

    I tried NOCD in September  while waiting for our UK free therapy.  The problem was I only had about 1200 pounds savings as I had to give up work to care for my daughter.  It cost $90 a session and the first 4 weeks were assessment. Then a couple of 2xweekly appointments where she was just asked to sit with her feelings (she spent most of the time under the table or melting down- we never really even got onto a ladder of fears as such)

    School and being away from me is a huge trigger so as she had done a couple of days of school at the beginning of September(her first in nearly a year) and then couldn’t go the therapist offered to do session sitting outside the car- this did not go well she had what she described as an ‘extinction burst’ meltdown and yet nothing was asked of her really.  Once she had calmed down she was able to go and sit in the reception.  At next appointment therapist suggested that for a couple of hours every day she should go in and not matter what she just had to sit with it until mum came back (as there is talk of her not attending school which she didn’t want that. She agreed but that night she woke up screaming and went into what I described before as an anxiety episode).

    She did not calm down that night until she burnt out and the next day she was vibrating, clawing at skin-like a possessed person.  So up went the risperidone and the sertraline.  I get that therapy can make the anxiety worse but I didn’t think to that extent! so I had about three hundred pounds left and i just thought I’m not wasting the last bit of money doing therapy when I couldn’t stabilizer her.  She is slightly more stable just but i would have to take out a loan to attempt again so I’m not sure what to do for the best in this situation-which is again why i sighed up to to try and do something positive.

    I think she would be willing to watch your videos.  She can articulate really well her intrusive thoughts/images and not right feelings but refuses to not do the internal compulsions as just too scary- she’s not so good at explaining the panic episodes or understanding the build up or triggers to those with me yet! So Yes any videos you think maybe benefit her would be good.

    Thanks Sue