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Sue H

    Hi Natasha (i know its the weekend but if i don’t send this now I might not get a chance for a few days- I don’t expect you to reply !!!!)Libby has started the course, we are only 4 videos in as she has to keep stopping the video to do compulsions as its so triggering!  We have worked really hard though and she has opened up more to me in the last five days than in the last five years.  I printed out the worry cloud sheet because she has so many different things going on that I wanted to see if I could get to the core fear/fears.  I have wrote it out on a table and was hoping you could take a brief moment to scan it and make sure I’m on the right track with my thinking!! Ill try and attach it below.  Any little bit of feedback would so much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    pS ahh it wont let me upload below – could i email it to you or is that out of the scope that you offer/ dont want to take advantage so am really sorry if im asking more than is allowed