Reply To: Medication

Tonya M

    Great call today and my son listened to the kids call and seems intrigued. We went through whole OCD series and he identifies with Just Right OCD * perfectinism, he has certain number he loves and patterns w numbers, rituals of how he walks to car, hoarding things in car around his car seat, not wanting anyone else to touch our cat, sensory things w clothes getting wet and clothes only where pj and clothes have to hit certain place on his body, issues w high sensitivity to smell, and the list goes on and on.


    The initially testing we did was Development Psych at Rady Children’s here in San Diego. Sudden onset of stuttering super significant. They dx GAD w rule out ASD and OCD. I have felt he has OCD since little w the rituals and rigidity though I may have missed ASD since I had narrow view of what fit that label.