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Nicole F

    Hi, Natasha. Thank you. Yes, we’ve had my daughter on 20mg of citalopram for over a year now for anxiety. We’ve played with adding guanfacine and oxycarbazipine (sp?) but neither seemed to do anything and the citalopram doesn’t seem to be doing much at this point. I saw a post that someone had been successful with sertraline so I ran that past her prescribing doc this morning. She said it should metabolize well for my daughter based on her DNA test so I think we may try that.

    We haven’t taken the course yet, but have watched several videos. I want to start the course on difficult behaviours. What is the course you recommend for kids? We’ve been seeing a counselor and just gave him the diagnosis, but he has no specialty in OCD, and I’m just not sure we’re going to get the traction with him I’m hoping for. Thank you!