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    Hi Nicole,
    Yes, it sounds like a good idea to discuss other medication options if you haven’t seen any improvement. Here is the International OCD Foundation’s pediatric medication recommendations and dosages. Often the dosage needs to be at a much higher level for OCD:

    I would recommend taking the How to Teach Kids to Crush OCD course before you take the difficult behavior course. You need the foundational understanding of OCD before you take the other courses. Also that course will give you a step-by-step approach of how to understand OCD and how to help her. You don’t want to jump into everything without a full understanding. You get free access to that course as a member. You can learn more here:

    Recently I created Crushing OCD Course for Kids and Teens in my online school (which is separate from this membership and is not included). That course gives kids support directly. 12 other kids help me teach that course. You can learn more here:

    That course might be worth looking into after you take the parent course.

    I would definitely get an OCD therapist if possible. OCD requires a very specific therapeutic approach that requires extra training that most general therapists do not have. You can look for one at or NOCD at to start. We also have a directory of child/teen providers here: