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    Thank you Rina! I am new to the group and finding the community suggestions and support so helpful.

    Based on the suggestions I’ve received, I’ve switched to an audio format for Lebowitz’s book, which is more manageable for me, and complementing it with Natasha’s SPACE online study guide/road map. I’m still in the early stages but having a lot of “Aha” moments already. I have found a child therapist specializing in anxiety who’s not familiar with SPACE, but is open to us using her as a consultant if we get stuck, which softens the financial strain. We’ll hire a SPACE trained clinician for the time-limited program if we don’t have success with doing it on our own. I love your idea of also looking for paraprofessionals who know the ropes. (Frankly, I think I will look into it for my own continuing ed!)

    Good luck with your boy! I’m heartened to at least have some direction at last.