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      Britney M

      Hello. We have been working on this fear of being constipated and getting a suppository for months now and I feel like we are just stalled. She is willing to do the challenges but I feel like I need fresh ideas. It seems like we’re not making any progress anymore and we’re missing somewhere.  The challenges we have been doing for this are pretending to give her dolls a suppository, making up stories about being constipated, talking back to OCD about being constipated.

      The second thing I’m stuck on is she is struggling with getting new things. Doesn’t want to get rid of anything or any toys and when we go to the store (with a gift card from her bday for example) she panics and can’t decide and won’t get something even if she seems like she wants it. I think this goes back to feeling like she can’t get rid of things so not wanting to bring in new things. Every toy of gift she gets for a birthday or holiday she wants to return and not keep. I can’t quite figure this one out.

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      Hi Britney,
      It sounds like maybe some more detective work is needed to find the core fear around all those issues. Here are some questions I would ask her (obviously not all at once though 😉).

      -What’s the scariest part about being constipated (You want to make sure your challenges are directly related to the core fear).

      -What’s the hardest part about getting rid of your things?

      -What’s the hardest part about deciding what new things to get?

      Her answers can shed insight into what is going on. I’m happy to problem-solve further after you talk with her about these.

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