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      Erin M

        Ok here is one I really don’t get. My 11 year old son has started wanting us to leave the house in order for him to do his chores. He wants us completely out of the house or he “can’t” do his chore. We have a 2400 sq foot home and have offered to not be in the room he is doing a chore but what won’t do.

        Help. What do we do this? He is in a full out tantrum and this has happened multiple times. There is an issue rooted in not being able to do a chore or do what is asked with us around.  It’s new and baffling to me. Other times he does them with no issues.

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          Hi Erin,
          It is hard to tell what that is about without some more digging. I would ask him, “What’s the worst thing that can happen if we are here while you are doing your chores?” And see what he says.

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