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      Kristin C

        Hello! I could use some advice! My 7 year old developed OCD symptoms in January after her grandfather’s death from Covid. She started obsessively hand washing and through many appointments was dx with OCD and anxiety. We have since put her on Zoloft and things got better. Her hand licking is starting to show back up again. She does it when she sees or touches things that she thinks are “dirty and will make her die”. I do think her core fear is dying. She is in therapy but quite honestly I’m not sure how trained her therapist is in OCD. Any guidance on how to stop the hand licking would be greaty appreciated!

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          Hi Kristin,
          How educated is she on OCD and how it grows? I always start with that because only she’ll be able to stop the behavior. Here are some videos I would recommend starting with if she hasn’t seen them yet (you can always watch them first or ask her therapist before showing them):

          What is OCD: https://youtu.be/J1kjw0kmMds
          2 Powerful Ways to Crush OCD: https://youtu.be/HR-Cs23UNl8
          How Anxiety and OCD Lie to You: https://youtu.be/smv-v_5Xwkk
          Do You Believe OCD is Keeping You Safe: https://youtu.be/MBPD0yzjaYQ

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