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      Amy B

        My daughter is 12 and has severe OCD.   You may have seen my post about the last 3 years, we’ve had 3 crisis’ now (1x year).  The last one just happened, which is why I joined.  It was 1 month of 6 ER visits, admit to child acute psych unit, self harm, called 911 2x and now she is back at Rogers Wisconsin at the residential hospital.

        We need to heal.  We need therapy for each of us, couple and our 8yo.  Do you have recommendations?  It would be awesome to find therapists who know trauma, and OCD could be helpful too.


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          Hi Amy,
          I’m so sorry your family has gone through so much. I asked my OCD colleagues and I was told that Dr. Sekibo with https://beachfrontanxiety.com/ is in your state and is well versed in OCD and works with families who have experienced trauma related to a family member with acute OCD. I hope that helps.

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