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      Mariza C

        My 16 year old son has OCD and ADHD. He is on medication for the OCD, he wants to go on to ADHD medication. Both the psychiatrist and therapist he is seeing is supporting this. What is your view on the medication. I am worried that the ADHD stimulant might make the OCD worse.   I have seen no difference in his OCD since he started on the OCD medication, in fact the OCD has progressively got worse over the last 2 years, to the point where it is now almost total avoidance.

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          Hi Mariza,
          If he hasn’t seen any progress with the OCD medication for over two years I would address that with the psychiatrist. Here are the recommendations for pediatric dosages for OCD. They are much higher than for anxiety: https://kids.iocdf.org/professionals/mh/meds-for-pediatric-ocd/

          As far as the stimulant goes, if the whole team and your son are wanting to move forward it seems like the right step. Hopefully they will just monitor his OCD and make sure things do not get worse for him.

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