Type of ocd?

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      Melissa G


        my D13 has moral and just right ocd at the moment, tics, & PANDAS (and all else that comes with it). We’ve uncovered her root causes for each.

        However, She just disclosed to me, when she was younger (3 or 4), she had the urge and put her finger and tongue (either or) in the light socket! She also used to have to touch the burner on the stove (to see if we’re hot?!) whether it was on or not.

        M wondering if you might have a sense if that was ocd or not and what “type” and/or fear might have been underlying?!?!

        thanks as always!


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          Hi Melissa,
          Since she was so young it is hard to say. Toddlers can be curious and want to explore and “experience” limits. If she doesn’t do anything like that know I wouldn’t focus on it.

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