One-On-One Coaching


There has been considerable demand for me to offer one-on-one coaching. Although I have drastically reduced my private practice hours to focus on the AT Parenting Community, many members have reached out asking for individual parent coaching.

Due to the high demand, I have decided to block a few hours per week to offer RPO members of my AT Parenting Community one-on-one video coaching sessions.

If you aren not a member of the AT Parenting Community, you can learn more about it here.


How to Get One-on-One Coaching:

If you are a PRO member you will have the ability to request a one-on-one coaching session. Unfortunately due to my tight schedule I am not able to offer 1:1 coaching to non-PRO members.

As a PRO member you can contact me on the contact page and request to become a coaching client. From there I will set you up in my coaching portal. Once you are set up in my portal you’ll have the ability to schedule your own coaching calls.

Coaching calls are not part of your membership benefits, and are billed separately through my client portal. All coaching calls are $150 for a 55 minute session.

You must maintain your PRO membership status in order to schedule  individual coaching calls.

If you are not a PRO member, you can upgrade your membership by going to your account page or join the AT Parenting Community by going here.

Please note PRO members may access this benefit at anytime, however you must keep your PRO membership status active for 30 days to receive this benefit. PRO memberships that are downgraded or cancelled before the 30 day period has passed will not be reimbursed the PRO membership fee.